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Find your right aerial

The ideal indoor or outdoor aerial, based on your location

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Distance to transmitter
  1. 0-15 miles (9)
  2. 0-3 miles (20)
  3. 0-30 miles (3)
  4. 0-9 miles (18)
  1. Indoor Aerials (20)
  2. Outdoor Aerials (4)
  1. DAB / DAB+ (22)
  2. DVB-T / DVB-T2 (FreeView) (24)
Digital quality
  1. 3D (10)
  2. Full HD (11)
  3. HD-ready (22)
Buy Online
  1. Yes (20)

Products found: 24

  • Design Indoor TV Aerial

    Design Indoor TV Aerial

    SV 9420


    - 0 - 9 miles reach (42 dB)
    - Full HD
    - Easy installation


  • Design Indoor TV Aerial

    Design Indoor TV Aerial

    SV 9323


    - 0 - 9 miles reach (38 dB)
    - Full HD
    - Easy installation


  • Flat Indoor TV Aerial

    Flat Indoor TV Aerial

    SV 9215


    - 0 - 15 miles reach (41 dB)
    - Full HD
    - Ultra Flat Design


Analogue & Digital Aerials

Looking for aerials or antennas? One for All offers a wide range of reliable aerials ensuring a perfect reception and superb picture and sound quality. Our product range varies from portable analogue aerials up to digital Full HD outdoor antennas. Let us help you to find the best aerial for your situation.

Best aerial to your need

We have a broad selection of aerials. If you choose a One for All antenna you can count on:

  • Crystal clear signal reception
  • Easy installation
  • Smart design

Each aerial is characterized by its maximum performance. Even in areas with weaker signals, you can be sure of the best possible reception as a result of their innovative technology and features.

Indoor and outdoor aerials

Do you dislike the look of an aerial in your living room? You can perfectly hide some of our indoor aerials, saving space and creating a tidy room. Other aerials have a stylish design and blend in with your interior. In general, all of our outdoor aerials are lightweight an compact. This makes them easy to install.

Different Aerials

You can choose from digital aerials receiving various television and radio signals, such as DVB-T, full HD television and DAB radio. Our aerials are:

  • Available for various ranges: 0 up to 30 miles
  • Compatible with various signals

Our range of antennas consists of different types and designs, being e.g. flat panels, antennas, tube antennas and more. We supply e.g.:

  • Freeview aerials
  • HD-ready aerials
  • and many other types!

Not sure what type of antenna or aerial you need? Use the wizard at the top of this page and find out for yourself.