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One For All

Product Support


Where can I find my product number?

General FAQs

What is your postal address?

One For All UK Ltd 

PO Box 649 




Product Returns

Which One For All products can I return?

You can only return One For All products bought at the official One For All web shop. For returning One For All products bought somewhere else, please contact your original point of sale.


What are the criteria for returning a One For All product I bought at the official One For All web shop?

Please send in your One For All product within 30 days of the purchase date, in the original packaging, including the free received goods indicated on the original order confirmation and with a copy of the Return form.


How can I return a One For All product I bought at the official One For All webshop?

Please log into your account here and follow the steps indicated in the RMA document.

Warranty Claims : Only for Products bought in the One For All webshop

How do I make use of the warranty regulations concerning my One For All product bought in the official One For All webshop?

Please complete our warranty claims web form.

Universal Remote Controls

What exactly is a universal remote? Universal remote controls operate various electronic appliances, such as televisions, DVB-T boxes and many other devices. One for All offers a wide range of wireless control solutions. Feel free to browse through our products and product ranges, displayed in this section of our website. 

Best universal remote control

Looking for the best universal remote control? You have come to the right place, since we are the inventor of the universal remote control. Why should you choose a One for All remote?

  • They are user-friendly
  • We cover all brands, now and in the future
  • The remote controls have an easy set-up

Our code database is the largest and most comprehensive in the world. It is continuously updated with device codes for new products every day. This allows you to programme your remote as desired, controlling any brand or device. We offer various solutions, being basic TV remotes, all in one remotes (controlling numerous devices), but also remote controls with advanced settings and touchscreens.

Various types of remote controls

You can choose from various types of remote controls, such as big button remotes. Our remote controls support countless devices and brands. We also supply:

You can control multiple devices and brands with only one remote, which eliminates the need for numerous remotes in your living room.

Find a replacement remote

If your remote control is broken or lost, and you suddenly realize how much you need it. You need to find a replacement control as soon as possible. Refine your search using the check boxes at the top left of the page and find the best remote control or use the wizard at the top.