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  1. VESA 100x100 (9)
  2. VESA 200x100 (8)
  3. VESA 200x200 (19)
  4. VESA 300x300 (11)
  5. VESA 400x300 (3)
  6. VESA 400x400 (11)
  7. VESA 600x400 (4)
  8. VESA 75x75 (9)
  9. VESA 800x800 (1)
Screen Type
  1. LCD (20)
  2. LED (20)
  3. Plasma (14)
  1. Accessory (5)
  2. Cable Management (5)
  3. Safety-lock (6)
  4. Screen Lock (6)
Screen size
  1. 13-27"/ 33-69cm (1)
  2. 13-40"/ 33-102cm (5)
  3. 13-90"/ 33-229cm (1)
  4. 19-42"/ 48-107cm (3)
  5. 32-55"/ 81-140cm (3)
  6. 32-60"/ 81-152cm (4)
  7. 40-84"/ 102-214cm (3)
Remote Category
  1. Universal Remotes (6)
  1. Flat (5)
  2. Tilt (8)
  3. Turn 180º (4)
  4. Turn 45º (1)
  5. Turn 90º (4)

Products found: 25

TV Brackets

If you are looking for a high quality tv bracket, you have come to the right place. One for All offers many different types of television wall mounts, that ensure a sturdy support.

The best TV wall bracket

You recently bought a new flat screen television and need a good wall bracket. A bracket that can turn 180 degrees. One that can tilt and turn. Maybe you need a wall mount that can hold a television of 63 inch. We have a wide range of brackets available, holding up screens from 13 inch up to 70 inch, offering various movement options and functionalities. Not sure what to look for? You can use the filter at the top left or the wizard at the top to find the best bracket to your need.

Characteristics and benefits

Our tv wall brackets are characterized by a/o:

  • Light weight construction
  • Full cable management
  • Anti-theft solutions
  • Safety locks

They are easy to install and can hold countless television brands. If you choose a One for All tv bracket, you will maximize your viewing experience!

Different tv wall mounts

We offer various solutions for various types of televisions, such as:

  • Ultra slim wallmount
  • Swivel bracket
  • Cantilever bracket
  • Corner tv bracket
  • And many more!

Need to replace your wall mount? Are you buying a new wall bracket? Feel free to browse through our products displayed in this section of our website. Refine your search by using the filter at the top left of this page or use the wizard.