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  1. Bluetooth Music Receivers (2)
  2. Wireless TV Senders (3)

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  • Wireless HDMI Sender

    Wireless HDMI Sender

    SV 1760



    Transmits audio and video in Full HD from any source to a remote TV.

    • Connects and controls AV devices wirelessly
    • Streams Full HD even through one wall or ceiling
    • For a rich audio and video experience
    • Plug & play within 2 minutes
  • Bluetooth Music Receiver HD

    Bluetooth Music Receiver HD

    SV 1820


    Streams music wirelessly from smart device onto music system with a crystal clear sound.
    • Instant wireless music sharing
    • Wolfson DAC for HD sound quality
    • Party mode: connects up to 3 devices simultaneously
    • Simple 2-minute setup
  • Bluetooth Music Receiver

    Bluetooth Music Receiver

    SV 1810


    Streams music wirelessly from smart device onto music system.
    • Instant wireless music sharing
    • Party mode: connects up to 2 devices simultaneously
    • Simple 2-minute setup

One For All Wireless AV Senders

One For All AV Senders let you transmit audio and video wirelessly onto a remote device or to a remote room, at the maximum quality, interference-free.

Bluetooth Music Senders

Bluetooth Music Senders send, transmit and receive music wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth enabled device to your stereo or Hi-Fi system. Stream music in HD quality directly from Spotify, Tidal, Deezer or YouTube and fill your house with your favourite tunes.

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Wireless AV Senders

Wireless AV Senders transmit audio and video signals wirelessly to a remote TV, even through a wall, from one room to another. Watch TV wherever you like, whether in your bedroom or in the garden.

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