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Remote Control Extender

URC 1000

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Control of up to 4 AV devices behind closed cabinet doors

The One For All remote control extender is the perfect solution for controlling your infrared AV devices inside a closed cabinet.

Give your living room a tidy look with all your devices out of sight

Its clever design features a smart cable management system. It allows you to store all your devices inside a cabinet creating a clean and tidy look in your living room.

Easy, Plug & Play Set-Up

Installation is quick and easy. Simply connect the remote control extender (USB powered) to your AV Equipment and put the IR eyes inside the cabinet. By placing the IR receiver where it’s visible you can be sure of controlling all your devices even with the cabinet door closed.

Additional Information

Product code URC 1000
No. of devices 4
IR Receiver/Transmitter Frequency 30K~60KHz
Cable length: USB to cable splitter 90 cm
IR Receiver to cable splitter 75 cm
IR eyes to cable splitter 150 cm
USB powered (5V) Yes
Power consumption 5VDC

FAQs and Solutions

  • Which device should I use to power the Remote Control Extender via USB? We recommend that you use your TV if possible, as you can be sure that the TV supplies power  to the Remote Control Extender whenever it is on.
    Alternatively you could use another device such as a Set Top Box or Games Console, but please ensure that it always supplies power over USB. Read more
  • How can I see if the Remote Control Extender is powered? Please point the remote to the receiver and press a key If the LED on the receiver lights up, this means that the device is powered. Read more
  • Do I need a specific remote to control my devices using the remote control extender? No, The remote control extender works with your existing remote controls. Read more
  • Do I need an extra power plug to connect the Remote Control Extender to my devices?

    No. The Remote Control Extender USB powered therefore there is no extra Power Plug needed, just connect it directly to your AV Equipment.

    Read more
  • The Remote Control Extender is not controlling one or more devices Try repositioning the eye(s) so that it is directly facing the device in question. If you know where the infrared receiver is on your device, try to position the eye so it is facing the receiver directly. Read more
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