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Freeview TV Aerials & Antennas


Do you need a Freeview aerial to get Freeview?

Freeview is a free digital TV platform in the UK. It offers over 100 TV and radio channels for which subscription is not needed. This service has no monthly obligations. When your TV already includes Freeview, the only thing you need to do is connect it to an aerial. So to receive Freeview, you will need a Freeview aerial / Freeview Antenna. Most aerials support Freeview, but the signals are not always as strong. That is why users should consider purchasing a high-performance DVB-T2 aerial which is optimized for full-HD reception. This creates the best possible signal strength.

Indoor Freeview aerial

Indoor aerials are very beneficial for areas that are up to 15 miles away from the nearest transmitter. It is important to always check the specifications of the indoor Freeview aerial since there are different aerials with a reach of 3 miles, 9 miles and 15 miles. An indoor Freeview aerial is very easy to install because you do not have to mount it. Besides this, the indoor Freeview aerials have a stylish look. They blend in perfectly with any interior.

Indoor aerials are commonly used when living closer than 15 miles away from the nearest transmitter and outdoor aerials are used when living further than 15 miles away. If you are in doubt about which aerial will be the best choice for you (indoor or outdoor) please use the Quick Aerial Guide available on our website. This guide will select the best fitting Freeview aerial for you.

Outdoor Freeview aerial

If you want great reception, but live far away from the nearest transmitter, you should use an outdoor aerial or loft aerial. This counts for areas between 15 and 30 miles away from the nearest transmitter. Outdoor Freeview aerials do not affect your interior, so you won’t notice the Freeview aerials. This will also save space in your home. These outdoor Freeview aerials are made from sustainable, high quality materials which are easy to mount. They are also resistant to heavy weather conditions.

Non-amplified antennas

Non-amplified Freeview aerials are commonly used indoors. They can pick up signals from every direction. This antenna is suitable when the area around the home is near a transmitter (less than 3 miles) and when there is little interference between the home and the transmitter.

Amplified antennas

Amplified antennas can directly pick up signals from a large distance. This is done though a power cord, which requires using an outlet. When you live further than 3 miles away from the nearest transmitter, this is the perfect solution. This because the antenna can handle areas with a lot of signal disturbance caused by Wi-Fi and mobile phones. It can carry a signal through many obstacles.

Quick Selection Guide

Are you not sure which is the best Freeview aerial for you? Use our Quick Selection Guide for extra help and support. In just 4 simple steps you will find the best fitting Freeview aerial for your home.