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Digital TV Aerials & Antennas

Find the best digital TV aerial / antenna for crystal clear reception

Looking for the best digital aerial? One for All offers a wide range of powerful aerials and antennas ensuring perfect reception of digital TV. Our wide product range varies from portable aerials for outdoor use and standard telescopic aerials to highly advanced 4K Ultra HD ready aerials and ultra-thin reversible aerials measuring in at less than 1 mm! Every aerial is designed with maximum performance in mind. Even in areas with weaker signals, you can be sure of the best possible reception as a result of their innovative technology and features. Enjoy the best signal quality with the easy-to-install One For All aerials available in a variety of models, sure to fit in every home.

One For All aerials are designed for the best possible Freeview performance. Check out all our Freeview aerials.

Watch TV without subscription

Why spend money on monthly TV subscription when you can enjoy watching digital TV at no expense? All One For All aerials receive DVB-T/T2 (Freeview). The number of channels you can receive will depend on the coverage at your address. Use the Freeview coverage checker to find out the channels available to you. Follow our guide to find the best aerial for your area >>

Indoor vs. outdoor aerials

One For All indoor aerials fit in every home. Whether you need a stylish aerial blending in with your interior or an incredibly inconspicuous ultra-flat aerial that you can barely notice, we have the perfect indoor aerial for you.

Shop indoor aerials >>

Indoor aerials are most suitable for areas up to 15 miles away from the nearest broadcast tower whereas outdoor aerials should be used when living farther than 15 miles away.

Outdoor aerials save space and don’t intrude on your interior. Moreover, they are made from durable, high grade materials for easy mounting and to withstand the most heavy weather conditions.

Shop outdoor aerials >>

Also be sure to ceck out our loft aerials!

Shop loft aerials >>

Amplified vs. non-amplified aerials

Whether you need an amplified or non-amplified aerial depends on the area you live in. If you live in an area near a transmitter with little interference, a non-amplified aerial will do. However, when living further than 3 miles away from the nearest transmitter or in areas with a lot of signal disturbance caused by Wi-Fi or mobile phones, then an amplified aerial is the best option for you. Use our Quick Selection Guide to find the best match for you >>

HD, Full HD or 4K Ultra HD ready? We have them all!

Use the filtering above to select our range of HD, Full HD and 4K Ultra HD aerials.

Quick Selection Guide

Not sure what to look for? Get help from our Quick Selection Guide. It will help you to select the most suitable aerial in 4 simple steps. Click here >>