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SimpleSet™ and Learning Explained

What is SimpleSet™?

SimpleSet is a feature available in a selection of One For All remote controls. It’s a quick and easy way of setting up the universal remote to control the most popular brands of each device type with only a few key presses, typically in under a minute per device.

How does it work?

Step 1: First, press down the MAGIC key on your remote.

Step 2: Next, select the device you want to control.

Step 3: Finally, hold down the digit on the remote for your brand & device (e.g. 6 for Samsung TV). As soon as the device turns off, release the key and the LED on the remote will blink twice.

The setup is done, as easy as that!

Which One For All remote controls feature SimpleSet?

Learning feature

While SimpleSet installs all standard functions, the learning feature enables you to copy advanced or missing functions straight from the original remote of your Audio/Video device. One For All universal remotes can learn any function from any other working remote control. This can be useful if you are missing one or more functions from your original remote control and would like to add them to the remote.

With One For All remote controls there is never a key missing!

How does it work?

The process is as simple as pointing the original remote towards the One For All remote, selecting a key on the One For All remote and pressing the key on the original. Repeat for each key you want to learn and from then on the One For All will do exactly what your original remote does!

Which One For All remotes feature Learning: