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Control multiple devices as if they were one.
The first pre-programmed universal remote control with a free APP for the easiest setup ever of all your devices.

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Easy setup with app

Even though the Smart Control can be fully set up on the remote itself - like all our universal remotes - it comes with a convenient free setup app. The app guides you through a few easy steps to set up your remote. Set up your TV, Set Top Box, Blu-ray, Audio, DVD, Game Console, Media Player and Soundbar in just minutes.

100% Future Proof

Devices that do not even exist yet can be controlled with the Smart Control in the future as well. Buying a new TV won't stop you using the Smart Control in the future. A promise we can make as the setup app is always up to date and connected to our device database.


Control multiple devices as if they are one

  • Watch TV

    The watch TV activity automatically works when your TV and set top box have been set up. This activity will make sure your remote communicates with your set top box for channel navigation and with your TV for volume. You can add your audio devices and soundbar to this activity too. No more switching between devices all the time, isn't that convenient?

  • Watch Movie

    After a TV and Blu-ray have been set up for this remote, this activity works immediately. All keys on the remote will communicate with the correct device. If you don't have a Blu-ray, but a DVD player, you can set this up as well. The watch movie activity can be expanded to control your TV, Blu-ray or DVD, Audio and Soundbar.

  • Listen to Music

    Setting up your TV, Audio and Media player automatically results in activation of the Listen to Music activity. You can extend the activity by adding a Soundbar, or limit it to just your Audio device or Soundbar. Combining all your devices for an optimal listening experience was never this easy before!

  • Play Game

    A setup consisting of a TV and a Game Console opens up this activity by default. All buttons on the remote will operate both your TV (for example for volume) and your Game console. You can optionally expand this activity by adding your Soundbar or Audio device. Wouldn't that give the best Game experience ever?

  • Create a custom activity

    Besides 4 default activities, there is also a custom activity to use for any activity that is not yet covered with theses 4 pre-programmed activities. You can setup your TV, Media player, Game Console, Sound bar and Audio in this activity. The manual that comes with the Smart Control explains step-by-step how to set up custom activities.

More than a remote

Discover the smart control


Control 8 devices

Smart Control cleans up the mess. Control the following devices with just one universal remote: TV, Set Top Box (cable & satellite), Blu-ray, DVD, Audio, Soundbar, Game console and Media player.



Control multiple devices as if they are one. Depending on the selected activity, the remote knows which device to operate for cetain keys. Available activities: Watch TV, Watch Movie, Listen to Music, Play Game and Custom.


Unique remote finder

Use the app to trigger a sound to find back your remote. The Smart Control has a speaker behind the battery door that can send out a short beep if you cannot find it. Finding back your remote should not be a struggle anymore.

Bluetooth smart (Low energy)

The app on your smartphone communicates with your remote using Bluetooth Smart (low energy). This ensures that your smartphone battery will not be drained as you probably encountered with other Bluetooth connections. Therefore you need a Bluetooth Smart compatible smartphone. Please not that the Smart Control can be fully set up without the app as well.

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100% Compatible

The Smart Control is 100% compatible with your video and audio devices. The setup app selects from more than 335,000 devices of more than 7,000 brands. The device list on the app will always be up to date to ensure any future device to be available for setup as well. This makes the Smart Control not just a 100% compatible universal remote, but 100% future proof as well.

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