URC1635: How can I use the Channel Short Cut Macro’s with the SKY Q Replacement Remote?

The “Channel Shortcut Macros” is a feature unique to the OFA Sky Q Replacement. These are 4 pre-programmed macros which are accessed by holding down one of the four coloured keys (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue) for 3 seconds. Each macro consists of 3 digits which will jump to a specific channel.

Genres of channel are grouped by number. For example, the Movie channels begin at number 301 with each subsequent channel (up to 344 at the time of writing) being a Movie Channel. Sports channels begin at 401, News channels at 501 and Kids channels at 601. The pre-programmed macro on Red, Green, Yellow and Blue match these channel numbers, meaning that you can jump directly to the first channel in the list, and then zap through these channels using Channel Up and Down. The name of each genre is printed above the keys.

This feature is only enabled when using a SkyQ set-top box with code 4 6 6 2 set up, which it is by default. If this setup code is changed, no macros will be present.