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Amplified Indoor Design Aerial

SV 9494

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Experience a new design...

With its rotating design and latest technology integrated for clear image quality, this amplified indoor antenna brings excellent reception of DVB-T/T2 programmes. Featuring Automatic Gain Control and Signal Level Indicator to help you get the most channels available, this latest generation antenna receives up to 4K Ultra HD channels within a range of 25 km.

Is this Antenna suitable for my location?

For best performance we recommend to use this antenna within a range of 25 km from your nearest transmitter.

<b>Is this Antenna suitable for my location?</b>
<br><b>Innovation in design</b>

Innovation in design

Featuring an elegant and innovative design, this amplified indoor antenna will easily blend into the décor of your home.

Ultra high-definition Television

We designed this antenna with maximum reception performance in mind, compatible with DVB-T/T2 programmes broadcast in up to 4K Ultra HD, it will perfectly complement your home’s interior.

<br><b>Ultra high-definition Television<b/>
<br><b>Signal Level Indicator

Signal Level Indicator

Instant visual feedback is given by LEDs helping you find the best antenna placement to get the most channels available.

Automatic Gain Control

The required level of gain changes from time to time. Automatic Gain Control ensures the correct level of gain for best performance at all times.

<b>Automatic Gain Control
<b>Rotate the dome to help you get the best signal possible</b>

Rotate the dome to help you get the best signal possible

No need to point this antenna in any particular direction, just rotate the antenna’s dome to improve reception performance. Thanks to its rotating technology, the antenna will always be facing front.

Ensure the best possible reception

Minimal interference thanks to the active noise reduction filters. Including 3G/4G LTE filters for crystal clear reception.

<br><b>Ensure the best possible reception</b>

Additional Information

Product code SV 9494
Dimensions (LxWxH / Inches) 6.6 x 6.6 x 5.5
Dimensions (LxWxH / cm) 16.8 x 16.8 x 14.1
Indoor Aerials
DVB-T / DVB-T2 / Freeview
Full HD
4K Ultra HD
Coaxial cable (meters/miles) 2.5 / 8.2
Signal Level Indicator
Automatic Gain Control
3G/4G/LTE Filter
Power on/off indicator (LED)

FAQs and Solutions

  • Can this Indoor HDTV Aerial automatically rotate the top dome for best reception? This is not a feature built into the HDTV aerial, the top dome can only be rotated manually. Including a motorized option would affect the reception and create interference due to the inclusion of extra mechanical parts. Read more
  • How does the Automatic Gain Control work?

    The Automatic Gain Control (AGC) built into the antenna ensures there will be a correct level of signal gain, depending on your location.

    In short this means that with AGC the antenna will automatically adjust the signal level when necessary, ensuring the right level of gain in spite of variations of signals.

    Read more
  • What does the Signal Level Indicator (SLI) do? The Signal Level Indicator (SLI) shows the current strength of signal received, represented by four different levels of blue LEDs lighting up at the front of the aerial. A strong signal is represented by all blue LEDs lighting up; a weak signal is represented by one LED lighting up.

    By moving the aerial's direction and position, you can find the best reception in your room this way.

    When plugging in the aerial for the first time to the power supply, the SLI will remain active for 30 seconds and then turn off. If you need to reposition the aerial, simply press the button on the front to reactive the SLI for another 30 seconds. Read more
  • I attached my Indoor Aerial to the TV but I do not see any image.

    Make sure that you have the power cable attached to the power inserter, and make sure it is plugged firmly into any standard 230-240V wall outlet.

    Read more
  • I attached my Indoor Aerial to the TV and I searched for the channels by performing a channel scan, but some channels are still missing.

    Make sure that you have the power cable attached to the power inserter, and make sure it is plugged firmly into any standard 230-240V wall outlet.

    Read more
  • How can I see that the Indoor Aerial is powered? A small red LED will light up at the side when power is connected to the aerial amplifier. Also a power LED will light up at the centre front of the aerial. Read more
  • How can I see that Automatic Gain Control is decreasing the level of amplification? When the Automatic Gain Control is decreasing the level of amplification, the LED in the center bar on the front will light up BLUE. Read more
  • How can I check the Signal Strength of the incoming signal? Please press the SIGNAL button on the center front of the antenna. It will show you for 30 seconds the current strength of signal.
    Read more
  • For how long will the LEDs light up when pressing the SIGNAL LEVEL INDICATOR button on the side? A number of LEDs will light up for 30 seconds. The number of LEDs light up will depend on strength of signal at the current position. Read more
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