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Curved TV wall mounts

Curved TV wall mounts / brackets

Wall mounting your Curved TV with a One For All TV Wall Mount

Curved TV’s are very popular and designed to immerse the viewer more into the screen. Also, because of the gentle curve, curved TV’s often offer a reduction in reflections. To enjoy your Curved TV the most, it is very important to sit in the so called sweet spot; directly in front of your TV. However, in many situations this is difficult because your TV is not always exactly in front of your couch. Also, your cabinet could not be at the right height to have your TV at eye level.

Luckily, One For All wall mounts are all compatible with Curved TV’s! You could even call our wall mounts ‘Curved TV wall mounts’. A One For All Wall Mount makes it very easy to mount your Curved TV at the right height or, if you choose a 90 degree or 180 degree turn wall mount, to aim it to your favourite seating position. You will be exactly in the sweet spot, so you can enjoy your Curved TV experience to the maximum!

Curved TV wall mounts

When it comes to curved TV’s, a frequently asked question is “can you put a curved TV on the wall?”. The answer is yes. Do you want to know why? Read on below.

While the screen of a curved television may be curved, almost every curved TV has regular VESA compatible mounting holes on the back, just like a normal (not curved) television. The screws that you need to use when mounting these curved TV’s are exactly the same as “regular” televisions. The only difference is that you need a few extra spaceholders for curved TV’s to make sure the curve fits around the wall mount. Luckily, all of One For All’s wall mounts come with these spaceholders.

Why should I wall mount my curved TV?

Wall-mounting a TV has many benefits for the viewer and for your living room. By using a curved TV wall mount, often referred to as curved TV wall bracket, you create the best viewing angle for your curved TV. Furthermore, the wall mount makes it possible to mount your curved TV and maximize the free space in your living room. We made sure our wall mounts can be installed very closely to the wall by creating an extremely thin wall mount. This way your television will barely take up any space! Moreover, you won’t be needing a table or cabinet to place your TV on, which will also save you space.

With a curved TV wall mount your room will get a modern look. The bracket makes it possible to hide the wires and cables behind the TV. This gives your room a clean and sleek appearance.

Finally, with the help of a TV wall mount it is possible to place the TV at eye level. This will offer you the most optimal viewing position. 

Wide range of Curved TV Wall Mounts

One For All offers you a wide range of curved TV wall mounts, with multiple options. All of our wall mounts are perfectly suitable for curved TV’s. Our flat wall mounts make it possible to mount your TV to the wall in a fixed and steady position, without having to adjust the position of the TV. With our tilt and turn wall mounts it is possible to adjust the angle of your TV. Check our full assortment and use our configurator to choose the wall mount that is the best match for your TV.

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