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VESA 200x200 TV Brackets

Does your television have a VESA 200x200 mount size and would you like to mount it to the wall? Here you will find VESA 200x200 in different shapes and mount types. If you are not sure about your television’s VESA size, you can either find it in the manual of your TV, or you can measure it yourself, explained below. One for All supplies different types of 200x200 TV brackets. You can refine your search results using the filter option at the left.

How to measure VESA size

VESA is the standard for TV Brackets and televisions that indicates the distance in millimetres between the 4 holes in the back of your TV. All LED, Plasma and LCD televisions have holes in the back, meant to attach the television to the wall mount. You can find out the VESA screw size yourself, by measuring the distance between the holes on the back of your TV. The distance in millimetres represents the VESA size, in other words: 200x200 VESA means a distance of 200 mm between each hole.

High quality 200x200 TV brackets

One for All offers various TV brackets of the best quality, which are easy to install. Its design is thin and slim, which makes each bracket practically invisible in your living room. At the same time, the best viewing experience is ensured. We offer videos and support to help you install your VESA 200x200 correctly, such as a guide to define where to drill holes to mount it to the wall. All brackets are equipped with a safe lock and unlock system, in order to secure your TV well and to take it off the wall easily.

Other VESA sizes

Is the 200x200 TV bracket not the correct one? We offer many other standard VESA sizes, such as:

Need help or do you have a question about specific products? Find the bracket to your need, click to visit the specific product page and you will find an overview of all specifications, FAQs and videos. 

Do you need help or tips for wall mounting your tv? Read our blog and learn how to wall mount your tv and what you need to look out for.