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15° TILT

Ultra Slim TV Stand TILT

WM 6471

60” 15° 80mm

Highly practical No drill solution suitable for TV sizes from 32-60inch.

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Introducing the TV Stand a No Drill Solution

This latest generation of TV stand allows you to mount your 32-60” TV close to the wall without the need to drill holes. Whether you have building restrictions or if you simply prefer not to drill, this innovative tilting TV stand offers you a practical solution.

Easy assembly

Incredibly simply to install, the TV stand assembles almost without the need for any tools (You will need to tighten one single screw!). Simply click the three parts of the stand together and attach it to the back of your TV for an easy and short installation.


Elegant design that blends into the decor of your home

The elegantly designed TV stand comes with an ultra-flat foot that can slide under furniture. Thanks to its light colour it smoothly blends against your wall.


Freedom to change the layout of your room

The TV Stand is a practical mounting solution which can be easily repositioned to adjust the layout of your room.

Tilting TV stand for the ideal viewing position

Tilt your TV up to 15° to counteract reflections and create the ideal TV viewing experience.


Height adjustable

Designed to have your TV perfectly on eye level the TV stand is height adjustable to 3 positions.

Top: 117cm

Middle: 106cm

Low: 95cm


Enjoy an uncluttered look.

Following a clean and modern design, its integrated Cable management system ensures tidy organisation of your cables.

Download Toolbox app

Download Toolbox app

The One For All toolbox app contains handy tools including a height advisor, installation movies and digital manuals.

Additional Information

Product code WM 6471
Screen size 32-60"/ 81-152cm
Max weight 30 kg
VESA 200x200
VESA 300x300
VESA 400x400
Cable Management
Wall distance D min (mm) 80
Wall distance D max (mm) 80
Tilt (degrees) 15º
Turn (degrees) No
Mounting materials included Yes
fischer wall plugs included N/A

FAQs and Solutions

  • How can I be sure the TV bracket is safe? The quality and safety of the TV bracket is guaranteed following extensive testing. This TV bracket has a lifetime guarantee. Read more
  • How easy is it to install the TV bracket? The TV Bracket comes with all required mounting materials. The easy-to-read installation guide offers clear step-by-step instructions on how products should be installed. On top of this, there is the free Smartphone "One For All" App full of supportive tools for installation. To download onto your smartphone, click here:

    Read more
  • What is the recommended height for mounting the TV bracket?

    You can download the ONE FOR ALL App onto your Smartphone and use the Height Finder functionality. The given recommendation is based on ergonomic testing.
    To download onto your smartphone, click here:


    Read more
  • The wall I intend to mount the TV bracket to is hollow, how do I install? When the wall you intend to install your TV bracket to is hollow, visit your local hardware store for mounting materials dedicated for hollow walls. Read more
  • The wall I intend to mount the TV bracket to is made of wood, how do I install? When you intend to install your TV bracket on a wall made of wood, please make sure not to use the plugs; the screw should go into the wood directly. Read more
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