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Replacement Remote Controls

One for All develops and supplies various types of replacement remote controls. These remotes are especially designed to replace your current remote when it's broken or lost. For instance if you have an LG television, you could buy the LG replacement Remote. This remote is 100% compatible with all LG televisions. In contrary to regular retail stores One for All delivers all remotes including batteries, so you can use it right away!

Best replacement remote controls for televisions

If you are looking for the best replacement remotes for television, One for All is the place to be. The following brands are supported for the replacement remotes that we deliver for television:

The remotes are 100% compatible with all models of these brands and for most models there is no setup required. Of course all the important functions to use a television are available on the remotes. Additionally they also support different extra functions per brand making perfect match with your original remote!.

No need to worry about compatibility, by choosing a One For All replacement remote you can be sure the remote will work your Television.