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Contour TV

URC 1210

Where to buy?

Does it control my TV?

If you'd like to check compatibility, you can check a full list of the brands of TVs controlled by the Contour TV remote here.

What exactly is a universal remote?

A universal remote is a remote control that operates TVs and/or audio and video devices of any brand. One For All invented the universal remote control decades ago for two purposes: replacing broken or lost remotes and to combine all remotes of a household into just one. The purpose of the Contour TV remote is replacing your TV remote as it does not control multiple devices. For combining multiple remotes into one we advise a Contour 4 or Contour 8.

How does it work?

The One For All Contour TV contains codes for controlling over 700 brands of TV. You can try these using a simple 3 step process that takes only a few seconds. You will usually find the right code in the first couple of tries. And from then on, your universal remote will function just like your original!

Additional Information

Product code URC 1210
Universal Remotes
Learnable / copy any function of your original remote control
Teletext / fasttext
Service upgradable
30 seconds to setup your remote
Batteries 2 x AAA (not incl.)
Internet Upgradable No
No. of devices 1

FAQs and Solutions

  • The remote controls my TV, except for the number 1? We have discovered an issue with the digit 1 key which has occurred during production for some models, however this can be easily resolved. If you are experiencing this issue, please perform the following procedure:

    1. Hold down the SETUP key until the red LED under the POWER key blinks twice
    2. Press 976 (the red LED should blink twice when you press the 6)
    3. Press the number 1 twice –on the second press the LED should blink twice

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  • How can I set up a device on my Contour TV if I do not have a code? If you do not have a code for your device, you can:
    1. Refer to the code list in the back of the user manual,
    2. Use the learning function of your Contour TV, or
    3. Click here to open our "Find your setup code" tool and enter the exact make and model number of your device.
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  • The Find your Setup Code Tool indicates that the code for my device is not in the memory of my Contour TV, what do I need to do?

    The Find Your Setup Code Tool is the easiest way to look up the right code for your device.
    In some cases this tool indicates that the code is not in the memory of your remote and cannot be set up right away.

    To resolve this we can offer you the following options: 

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  • How do I program my code on my Contour TV? To program the basic code on your Contour TV, please follow the instructions mentioned below:

    1. Press and hold down the SETUP key until the red LED underneath the POWER key blinks once then twice.
    2. Enter the four-digit device code using the number keys. The red LED should blink twice.
    You can now operate your device. Read more
  • How can I program a missing function on my Contour TV? It is possible to add missing functions via a procedure known as “Key Magic.”
    If you provide the relevant information via this web form we will supply a 5 digit code to be programmed for each missing function and the programming procedure.

    To use the Key Magic procedure, please follow the instructions outlined below:
    1. Press the relevant device key.
    2. Hold the Setup key until the light blinks twice.
    3. Enter the code 994, the light blinks twice.
    4. Press the Setup key once and let go.
    5. Enter the 5 digit function code of the required function.
    6. Press the One For All key you wish to assign the function to.
    7. The light blinks twice and that key should now function.

    It is also possible to learn a missing function, using your original remote. To read more about the Learning feature, please follow this link.

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  • How can I learn a missing function on my Contour TV using the original remote control?

    Your One For All remote is capable of copying functions straight from the original remote control that came with your device.  It is also possible to program missing function via the Key Magic procedure.

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  • Why doesn’t the learning work on my Contour TV?

    There are a number of reasons why learning might be unsuccessful:

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  • How can I delete a learned key on my Contour TV? If you would like to delete a learned function that you no longer require, please follow the procedure outlined below:
    1. Press and hold down the SETUP key until the red LED underneath the POWER key blinks twice (the red LED will blink once then twice).
    2. Press 9 7 6.
    3. Press the key to be deleted (e.g. red key) twice.

    Additional Information:

    • You can delete a learned key by overwriting it with a new learned function.
    • If a learned function used in a macro is subsequently deleted, the macro will revert to sending the keys original function.
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  • Can I send a sequence of commands from the press of one button?

    Yes, your Contour TV is capable of creating Macros.

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  • How can I delete a macro on my Contour TV?

    In order to delete a macro, please follow the instructions below:

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  • How do I move a function from one key to another on my Contour TV? To move a particular key within the same device mode:
    1. Press the relevant device key once.
    2. Press and hold the SETUP key until the light blinks twice.
    3. Enter code 994, the light will blink twice.
    4. Press the key to move once.
    5. Press the key to overwrite once, the light will blink twice.
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  • How do I perform a factory reset on the Contour TV?

    Before resetting the Contour TV, please take the following into account:
    If you have ever sent in your remote control to our Upgrade Service for an update, these codes will be erased as well.
    In that case, it is highly advised not to perform a factory reset.

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  • I need to press and hold down the POWER key for my device to switch on. How can I include this is in a Macro? Our remote controls always send out the standard duration of a signal, which enables most Macros.
    In your case, you need to keep the key pressed for a few seconds, which we are unable to reproduce into our Macros.
    Unfortunately, there is no solution for this. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.
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