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Wireless HDMI Sender

SV 1760

Where to buy?

Place your TV anywhere you like

Watch your favourite movie in your bedroom, cheer for your favourite football team in the garden or play your kids videos in their room while you’re having dinner with your friends downstairs.

Why be limited to one room when you can have the freedom to enjoy anywhere you like? The Wireless HDMI Sender connects your AV devices and lets you control them from a different room. The signal quality stays optimal, even through a wall or floor.

How does it work?

The Wireless HDMI Sender ensures smooth signal streaming from any AV device with an HDMI output to a remote TV. Thanks to the stable and uncompressed Full HD transmission, it provides you with an immersive media experience at the same high audio and video quality that you are used to.




Rich audio and video experience with Full HD

The Wireless HDMI Sender delivers a fluid transmission without delay within the distance of 30 metres. Unlike other home devices the Wireless HDMI Sender transmits data using the 5GHz band, ensuring that your AV is interference-free.


No delay

Cheer the second that your team scores thanks to a latency (delay) of less than half a second.






Compact design

Good things come in small packages. The Wireless HDMI Sender comes in a lightweight and compact matt-finished pack, containing a transmitter and a receiver unit that pair your source TV with the second one, offering you instant transmission of exceptional AV quality.

Thanks to its compact yet contemporary design, the Wireless HDMI Sender can be easily placed out of sight or situated beside your TV. No need to hide wires, this wireless piece of technology creates a clean look in your living room.


No wires

Put an end to threading wires through your walls at home. Connect your AV devices wirelessly and enjoy wherever you like. Additionally, to reduce wires, both transmitter and receiver can be powered directly via the connected devices with USB, but of course also via the mains power. Experience full AV quality with no strings attached!

Plug & Play

Installation is quick and easy. Simply connect your source TV with the HDMI transmitter unit and set-top box. Then connect your second TV with the HDMI receiver unit and within a few seconds they are paired. The setup is complete. You can now enjoy streamed audio and video in Full HD on your second TV! The HDMI streaming set is also capable of connecting all your HDMI enabled DVD/Blu-ray player, game console, home cinema projector etc.



All AV devices with HDMI outputs e.g. TV, STB, DVD/Blu-ray player, projector etc.

Safe AV transmission

Using the Wireless HDMI Sender will protect you from unwanted sharing due to its 128/256 bit AES based encryption.



The package comes with the transmitter main unit, receiver main unit, one IR remote extender and two power adapters.


Additional Information

Product code SV 1760
Blu-ray / DVD
Digital TV
Game console
STB (Cable / Terrestrial)
Full HD video support Yes
IR extending function support No
Interference free technology Yes
Latency < 0.5s
Security 128/256 bit AES based encryption
Range clear line of sight Up to 30 metres
HDMI version 1.4a
HDCP compliant Yes
Digital audio compliancy Yes
HDMI inputs Transmitter 1x
HDMI outputs Transmitter 1x, Receiver 1x
Wi-Fi frequency 5 GHz
Remote control frequency range 30-60 kHz
Antenna Internal
AC/DC adaptor 5V DC/1000 mA
Power supply 2 x Power adaptor Micro USB
Warranty 2 years

FAQs and Solutions

  • With which kind of devices is the Wireless HDMI Sender compatible? It is compatible with almost any device with a HMDI out.
    Examples are HD set-top boxes, DVD & Blu-Ray players, etc. Read more
  • Can I use the Wireless HDMI Sender with a Beamer / Projector? If the Beamer / Projector has an HDMI input, then you can use the Wireless HDMI Sender together with such device. Read more
  • Does the Wireless HDMI Sender come with an HDMI cable included in the packaging? HMDI cables are not part of the packaging content. Due to a wide variety of cable lengths please buy the cables that better suit your needs. Read more
  • In what resolution will the video be displayed when I attach a source device?

    The SV1760 is designed to work up to Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080). The resolution of the source device (such as an STB or BluRay player) will be set to the quality which is acceptable for both TVs, once they have been attached to both Transmitter and Receiver units.

    Example 1: If you have a 720P HD Ready TV attached as TV at the RECEIVER end, and the TV attached to TRANSMITTER is 4K Ultra HD or Full HD, the source device will be requested to use 720P (1280x1080) as output.
    Example 2: If you have a 1080P FULL HD TV attached as TV at the RECEIVER end, and the TV attached to TRANSMITTER is 4K Ultra HD or Full HD, the source device will be requested to use 1080P (1920x1080) as output.
    Example 3: If you have a 4K Ultra HD TV attached as TV at the RECEIVER end, and the TV attached to TRANSMITTER is 4K, the source device will be requested to use 1080P (1920x1080) as output since the SV1760 is only compatible with resolutions up to Full HD.

    Read more
  • Is the SV1760 compatible with my 4K settop box ?

    Yes the SV1760 is compatible with a setop box which is able to support 4K signals. The maximum resolution is however Full HD (1920 x 1080) and the settop box should support auto EDID.

    Read more
  • Can I watch TV from the living room in the attic with the Wireless HDMI Sender? The Wireless HDMI Sender is a single floor/wall solution.
    In order to watch TV in the attic, you will need to place the transmitter on the first floor. Read more
  • I cannot control the HDMI source, using a remote control, what do I do?
    1. Make sure to use the remote control of the video source.
    2. Alternatively make sure that the IR emitter (see manual for especification) is connected in the back of the transmitter and that the probe is situated in front of the source device. Make sure that the IR receiver is connected in the back of the receiver. The distance between this IR receiver and your remote control should be between 30cm and 5m.  
    3. Also make sure to aim the remote control directly at the IR receiver unit and ensure that there are no obstacles in between. Also ensure that there is no other wireless device (wireless headphones, speakers) interfering with the remote control.
    4. The IR extender function works with all remotes which operate with 30-60kHz frequency, please check your original remote to see if it is compatibile.
    Read more
  • I have no picture on my second screen, what can I do?
    • Make sure the direct connection from the source device to the TV works properly.
    • Check if all connectors are connected well; check if all cables can support the transmission speed. We recommend High Speed HDMI cables.
    • Unplug the power cable to restart the Wireless HDMI Sender.
    Read more
  • My picture is unstable, or a snowwy image shows on screen, what do I do?
    • You might get interference from other wireless devices or heavy power consumption house ware, e.g. a Wifi router, microwave, air conditioner. Please keep the Wireless HDMI Sender away from those sources of interference.
    • The distance between the receiver and transmitter can be maximum 30 meters line of sight or 10m with ONE concrete wall or floor. Please place the wireless HDMI sender at another location where you can get a better signal and video quality.
    • Please change the direction of the transmitter and receiver to get a better reception.
    Read more
  • Using the Wireless HDMI Sender, the picture on my second TV is not correct.
    • Please make sure to select the correct input (e.g.“EXT” or “HDMI”) on your second TV (in case the TV does not recognize automatically the HDMI input).
    • Please make sure that the video source is switched on.
    Read more
  • The transmitter of my Wireless HDMI Sender does not seem to get a connection with the receiver; what can I do?
    • Make sure the power adapters are well connected to the boxes.
    • Please check the distance: It can be maximum 30 meters line of sight or 10 meters with ONE concrete wall or floor. Please place the Wireless HDMI sender at another location where you can receive a better signal and video quality.
    Read more
  • Can I use a different power supply (with Micro USB connection) with the Wireless HDMI Sender? Yes you can, but please make sure that the new cable has at least 1000mA. Read more
  • Where can I find the Declaration of Conformity? This document can be downloaded here. Read more
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"Within a few moments the transmitter and the receiver will pair and that’s it – simple! I had perfect picture from both an SD and an HD source, and I was very happy! "
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